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Management know-how and entrepreneurial skills are instrumental for the growth of the Ethiopian economy. The government has highly ranked this strategic subject on the country’s priority list.

Young Entrepreneur Program Ethiopia (YEP Ethiopia) is committed to promote small and medium businesses in Ethiopia. The country has a growing number of big companies that often have contacts abroad. This is the so-called premium segment. In addition, there is a multitude of small local traders: Ethiopians who try to sell their products on a few square metres (mostly on the side of the road), ranging from vegetables to coffee cans. The intermediate layer, in Western countries called small and medium businesses (SMBs), shows room for growth.

YEP Ethiopia is convinced that growth of the medium segment will give a strong impulse to the further development of the country. Holding this conviction YEP Ethiopia is committed to promote (knowledge of) entrepreneurship and management in Ethiopia. Participants are offered the opportunity to go through an effective training program. They are trained in key skills that contribute to successful entrepreneurship and management. Professionals who know from experience how to run a business pass on knowledge of doing business and management. Participants are coached when putting into practice the knowledge acquired. They are encouraged to start activities to fill a position that requires leadership within a company (enterprising employees).


Education – Accomplishing the mission starts with a transfer of knowledge and skills. Knowledge leads to personal development and innovation. Skills lead to quality through which companies can distinguish themselves from competitors. Combined they lead to income and thus to a higher level of well-being.

Sustainability – Once participants in the program are successful in their businesses, they can become a coach for the subsequent groups of young people with entrepreneurial potential through provision of their own networks, knowledge, resources and when possible trainee places. In this way we work on a pyramid model that contributes to sustainability and scalability of this program.

Dutch entrepreneurs and educational experts initially will give the theoretical trainings. It is intended that Ethiopians will give those trainings in the long-term.


Quality – YEP Ethiopia focuses on quality. A thorough pre-selection and good guidance ensure a supply of promising entrepreneurs and managers.

Cooperation – YEP Ethiopia takes its starting point in an integrated approach in which cooperation with other players is essential, thus being able to provide a transfer of knowledge towards Ethiopia. Businesses, foundations, educational institutions and the government are brought together to realise this transfer of knowledge and skills on a structural basis.

Awareness – The YEP program contributes to awareness (for entrepreneurs) in the Netherlands of a social disadvantage many people in Ethiopia are encountered with and also that something can be done about it.

Selection – Graduates or existing employees who will work as trainees in a training company go through an extensive selection process.

Training – The aim is to train Ethiopian young people in knowledge of business management, business skills, behaviour and motivation. This is done through both training on the job and classroom trainings.

Attitude – YEP Ethiopia is aware of cultural differences between the Netherlands and Ethiopia. Our approach originates from a respectful attitude. The trick is to combine the good things from both countries. The focus on relationships and sense of community are highly developed in Ethiopia. The work attitude of the Dutch can contribute to a more effective way of entrepreneurship in Ethiopia.


Ethiopia has a growing number of vocational schools and universities. This increases the scope of theoretical knowledge. However, putting theory into practice turns out to be a challenge.

YEP offers promising Ethiopians the opportunity to actually integrate theory and practice of managing through a work/learning program. Theoretical trainings are provided by YEP. Professionals who know from experience how to run a business give the trainings. Besides theoretical trainings, trainees will get a job in a training company via YEP and are paid by the employer.

The YEP program lasts two years, in which trainees gain knowledge of entrepreneurial and management subjects in 40 days (8 weeks * 5 days of training). During this program both the employers and YEP will coach trainees on putting theory into practice. Once gone through the YEP program the trainees are ready for a leadership role in the company of their employer.

The YEP program has been presented to various companies in Ethiopia. The unanimous response makes clear that this is exactly what Ethiopia needs at this moment.

YEP program


Theory & Practice

Before trainees can participate in the YEP program they complete an extensive selection procedure and they are extensively evaluated on their motivation, drive and abilities.

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The foundation was established on November 10, 2014 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce by the number of 61867993 (RSIN 854523984).

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