Before trainees can participate in the YEP program they complete an extensive selection procedure and they are extensively evaluated on their motivation, drive and abilities.

There is a close link between YEP and the training companies. The training companies have the responsibility to coach the trainees in putting into practice the entrepreneurial skills. YEP helps ensure consistency and provides theoretical training sessions. The YEP program lasts 2 years, in which practice and theory go hand in hand. The theoretical training is based on the Ethiopian reality and a theoretical beam reinforces practical training. Each year 4 training sessions of one week are given.

The YEP curriculum covers the following topics:

  1. Business Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. English
  4. Business Ethics
  5. Entrepreneurial skills and HRM
  6. ICT
  7. Finance
  8. Communication
  9. Marketing and Sales
  10. Mathematics

In each session and each subject theory will be explained and this will be related to exercises. Solutions on the exercises have to be developed by the trainees. After each training session the trainees have to work on assignments. These practical assignments need to be carried out in consultation with their training company. During the period of time between the training sessions there will be regular contact between the trainees and the YEP Director, who also will maintain contact with training companies.

The YEP Director will also monitor the progress of the development of trainees. Besides, the YEP Director will maintain contact with other educational institutes and the government in order to monitor the quality and actuality of the program and to ensure this connects as much as possible to existing structures.

The trainers will follow trainees via an online program (blended learning) and provide feedback. When trainees go through the whole program, they are able to put the learned entrepreneurial and management skills into practice. This will improve the companies for which trainees work, whereby the impact on the environment will increase.

Trainer and trainee