Management Development Program for Ethiopian Professionals

Grow your impact!
The Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) is instrumental for Ethiopian managers and leaders who want to expand their expertise in their roles. Regardless of the industry or type of organization you work in, you will be trained in entrepreneurship and management skills. YEP will also train you in leading teams, organizations, divisions, enterprises or communities; all while developing a profitable and sustainable business. All aspects of a successful business are based on entrepreneurial behaviour, which is the backbone of YEP. The program is proven and unique: you will be trained to put management theory into your daily life and business practise. Grow your impact with YEP!

Management Development Program

The six components of YEP

Training Courses

The training courses are structured in accordance with an adapted version of the Strategic Management Process (SMP).

Personal Coaching

The program includes personal coaching sessions which guide you in adopting new management skills.


Theory and skills are practiced in fictitious and real business cases.

Professional Skills

As a manager you are required to form, motivate and lead various types of project teams, divisions, business units or companies.

Business Plan

YEP focuses on group and management skills, but also individual skills such as preparing your own business plan.

Personal Development Plan

Joining YEP means that you value and are committed to working on personal development.

Benefits of the program

Benefits for participants

YEP is a full scale management development program. You’re building entrepreneurial skills and management know how. The program is very much focused on implementing management theories in your daily life and business practice.

  • A unique program
  • Bridging theory and practice
  • Personal coaching

Benefits for employers

Employers see their managers and high potentials flourish. While investing in human capital, companies grow their in-house management intelligence and leadership skills. Which results in better performance.

  • Professional managers
  • Better company results
  • Network possibilities

Life changing

Aberash Alemayehu

The YEP trainers helped me to learn more about myself and the importance of feedback.

Yordanos Jemal Shkuri

"The YEP course is like a compact MBA which is connecting theory and practice in a very smart way."

Ermias Wolde

"This management training makes a significant change in the lives of our key staff."

Netsanet Tadesse

I have become better at anticipating potential problems and responding to them in a timely manner.

Robel Tullu

"I learned to develop strategic business relations"