Aberash Alemayehu

General Manager, Denbi Clinic 

“The YEP trainers helped me to learn more about myself and the importance of feedback”

Aberash is one of our first YEP trainees and manages a clinic in the city of Bishoftu, where eleven people are employed. She says, “The YEP program has helped me to position myself as a professional manager in my clinic. For example, if I was confronted with a conflict, before I would just do whatever seemed the best at the time. I now know what steps to take: control my anger, sit with all people involved and communicate together to reach a solution.”

Another topic of communication that was developed through YEP was feedback. Aberash said that she often took others’ opinions about her work very personally. Because of YEP, Aberash now sees the importance of good feedback from others and because of this she has learned more about herself. Now when Aberash asks for feedback from a fellow colleague, she can take it and improve the way that she communicates, manages and works with others from the clinic. Employees and colleagues have enjoyed the change in management and did not realize that these few small changes could allow such improvement at the clinic.

Life changing

Ermias Wolde

"This management training makes a significant change in the lives of our key staff."

Netsanet Tadesse

I have become better at anticipating potential problems and responding to them in a timely manner.

Yordanos Jemal Shkuri

"The YEP course is like a compact MBA which is connecting theory and practice in a very smart way."

Robel Tullu

"I learned to develop strategic business relations"