Ermias Wolde

Manager Strategic Planning & Mgt, Minaye Group

“This management training makes a significant change in the lives of our key staff. Through the YEP program they have become more effective in leading our teams. They show new communication skills and self-management capabilities. As a result of the trainings, our participants got a broad understanding of the different disciplines in our company. The YEP program is a must do for everyone who wants to become a successful, professional manager.”

Life changing

Aberash Alemayehu

The YEP trainers helped me to learn more about myself and the importance of feedback.

Robel Tullu

"I learned to develop strategic business relations"

Netsanet Tadesse

I have become better at anticipating potential problems and responding to them in a timely manner.

Yordanos Jemal Shkuri

"The YEP course is like a compact MBA which is connecting theory and practice in a very smart way."