Personal Coaching

YEP focuses on defining and teaching management skills, but also the practical application of these skills. This program offers personal coaching sessions which will guide you in adopting new management skills and improving your personal results. Together with your YEP coach and your manager (or employer), you will assess your potential for growth and define your goals to be accomplished within the two-year program.

Your Personal Development Plan is your map in this process; your YEP coach is your guide and counselor. Business experts are surrounding you, and this professional learning environment will stimulate you as you work on your skills and capabilities. You are taking ownership for your improvements; your YEP coach and manager (or employer) are committed to get you there; together we are working on your future! Personal coaching is an instrumental part of YEP as together you are constantly reflecting on your achievements and setting or resetting your goals. You will adjust your growth plan as you define new strategies to reach your targets. This is the what and how of management; skills are aligned and integrated in your life and work!