Personal Development Plan

Joining YEP means that you value and are committed to working on personal development. How challenging! At the start of the YEP program, you define your Personal Development Plan (PDP). The content of this plan is a result of your discussions with your YEP coach and your employer. Your PDP will cover many different things, such as:

  1. Personal Mission Statement
    • Why am I joining YEP?
    • What is my main driver or motivation?
    • Why is this program important for me?
    • What do I want to achieve with my participation in YEP in the long term?
  2. Short Term Goals
    • What do I want to achieve in this two-year program?
    • Identifying personal goals, enables you to note the skills that you need to accomplish your goals.
  3. Gap Analysis
    • Determine your main focus for the time that you are participating in YEP
    • Show what skills you want to improve and how you are going to do that

Your PDP helps you to effectively plan your learning activities and keeps you focussed. It is your road map for the program and provides directions in your way moving forward. Every three months you will evaluate and review your progress with your YEP coach. Your PDP is a dynamic document; you may adjust and finetune it during the course of the program, until it brings you to your planned goals at the end of the training program.