Professional Skills

As a manager you are required to form, motivate and lead various types of project teams, divisions, business units or companies. You are expected to get things done with the help of your staff. The difference in being successful or not depends on your communication and project management skills. Can you get the buy-in from your team? Can you really impact people and processes? Are you accepted as a leader? When you are in a process of change, you need to have a clear vision and must present a promising plan. You are a frontrunner in getting the change accepted and implemented. Your team might challenge you with questions, holding you up. They may dislike uncertainty. Your patience is tested. How can you get them for your plan?

While working on simulations and business cases in YEP, you will be practicing your communication and leadership skills. Together with your fellow participants, you form project teams. By changing roles, you are simulating real business practice, trying and testing your capabilities. In a professional learning environment, you learn and practice your communication and project management skills. The success and experience that you will have in your YEP project teams will foreshadow how you will be able to use your skills in various team exercises on the job.