Do you want your company to become more successful? Then you need inspiring leaders! You need entrepreneurs who can really make a difference! Professional managers, who are able to set goals and accomplish strategic objectives! YEP helps your company build on your intellectual capital. This program will take your best employees and turns them into professional leaders.

Leverage your management potential

The Young Entrepreneur Program is a two-year part-time training program that equips your employees with leadership skills and entrepreneurial behavior. It will train your key staff in all aspects of management and leadership. Participants will develop a broader understanding of management, finance, sales and marketing, supply chain management, IT,  business ethics and human resource management. All of these subjects will ensure a cross divisional approach in your employee’s management practice. Business simulations and practical cases are instrumental in bridging theory and practice in YEP. While working on these exercises, participants are improving their skills in communication and project management.

Benefits for you as an employer

Employers see their managers and high potentials flourish. While investing in human capital, companies grow their in-house management intelligence and leadership skills. Which results in better performance.

The YEP program is meant for those in your organization who show potential for growth. This training program targets managers and potential managers, who want to invest in personal development. People who are committed to responsibilities and results; those who will direct your organization successfully. Improving your staff’s management capabilities will result in increasing business and will raise the level of management skills in your company. This program strengthens innovation and leadership capabilities in your organization and shows your employees that you are willing to invest in them, which will result in further employee loyalty in the long term.

Enrol your key staff in YEP and allow your company to grow through your employees.

When one is enrolled in YEP, you will learn how to lead successful teams. Through the training program your staff will adopt different leadership styles, which they can apply in their daily management tasks. New communication and project management skills enable them to address and manage issues in a constructive way. Self-management capabilities, combined with transparent communication and human interest in co-workers, will create a positive and cooperative atmosphere. It’s the same as growing plants. Plants will only flourish when you water them. People in your organization will feel comfortable and respected when they will receive the manager’s personal attention. As a result, their commitment to your goals and rules will grow exponentially.

During the program, your managers work on competencies and capabilities you want them to improve. A YEP coach will visit your company at the start of the training course, in order to discuss personal learning objectives of the participants. The outcome is documented in a Personal Development Plan, which is to be approved by you and by the trainees. This makes the training a joint effort as we, the trainers at YEP, work with you to meet your goals and allow your employees to reach their full potential.

Your participants are trained to be creative and innovative. They will recognize new business opportunities, such as new products, services or markets. And they will know how to implement strategies. Your managers are able to motivate co-workers to change patterns and follow new opportunities. Do you want to see distinctive results in your company? Sign your employees up for YEP today!

There is so much more to YEP than just employee development! With the YEP community comes a new business network made up of the YEP team of trainers, the participants, the customers and our business partners. You will be involved with our annual YEP Community Meetings and will be kept up to date with relevant management subjects.

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Life changing

Ermias Wolde

"This management training makes a significant change in the lives of our key staff."

Yordanos Jemal Shkuri

"The YEP course is like a compact MBA which is connecting theory and practice in a very smart way."