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Management Training Program

Strong management is instrumental for the success of every company. Whether offering a product or a service, every enterprise or organization has its key functions and processes. Some of these key functions cover aspects of team motivation, optimized production and guaranteed quality. The program will further cover how to attract and retain customers, negotiate with suppliers, run efficient logistics and control finances.

YEP is a two-year general management development program. which trains (potential) managers to run, improve and lead an organization or business. Professionals who want to understand the overall functioning of organizations are trained through the Young Entrepreneur Program to take their company or division further. Participants are managers who want to invest in their personal development, learning how to lead people and processes and make their organizations more sustainable and successful.

Benefits for participants

YEP is a full scale management development program. You’re building entrepreneurial skills and management know how. The program is very much focused on implementing management theories in your daily life and business practice.

The YEP program is unique! It teaches management theories that you can apply to your own business practice. This is a real differentiating feature of our program. You are encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge on management and entrepreneurship to your own position in your current job. What you learn in the training sessions can be implemented within the context of your daily responsibilities the next day.

YEP simulations and exercises are the heart of the program. These exercises help you to practice and improve your management skills. In training you will work in project teams, dealing with cases which reflect real challenges in life and work. This training method bridges theory and practice and strengthens your entrepreneurial skills and management capabilities.

‘This is a life changing program’. ‘I learned to become a better manager’. ‘I improved my communication skills’. ‘I got promoted to General Manager in my company’. These and many more quotes come from participants who completed YEP. YEP enriches your set of management skills and strengthens your entrepreneurial behaviour. Many Ethiopian managers have seen the change in themselves and in their colleagues who participated in YEP.

All YEP trainers have experience in management and international business. You will benefit from our trainers’ in-depth knowledge and expertise, adapting best practises and proven methods. You’ll be inspired and encouraged to start implementing strategic changes in life and business.

Set your own goals and work on your personal growth. Your YEP coach guides you through the two-year program. While working on your Personal Development Plan, your YEP coach will support you in reaching your objectives. This program includes individual counseling sessions for all participants.

You will be encouraged to make real changes, in  personal life and business environments. You’ll increase your impact. People will recognize your management skills and entrepreneurial behaviour. This will certainly lead you to new opportunities and achievements.

Do you want to stay up to date on the YEP community? Get access to the YEP community and benefit from new network possibilities. Join the YEP program and meet participants, trainers, coaches and Ethiopian business owners and share knowledge and experiences. This community will keep you up to date on recent developments and generate new business opportunities. After graduation, you will also remain connected to YEP through our Alumni Program.


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Life changing

Netsanet Tadesse

I have become better at anticipating potential problems and responding to them in a timely manner.

Aberash Alemayehu

The YEP trainers helped me to learn more about myself and the importance of feedback.