The YEP program integrates management theories and business practices. This unique and proven management development program consists of six key learning components. These together form a professional and very effective learning environment. The program turns high potentials into entrepreneurs and leaders.

Management Development Program

The six components of YEP

Training Courses

The training courses are structured in accordance with an adapted version of the Strategic Management Process (SMP).

Personal Coaching

The program includes personal coaching sessions which guide you in adopting new management skills.


Theory and skills are practiced in fictitious and real business cases.

Professional Skills

As a manager you are required to form, motivate and lead various types of project teams, divisions, business units or companies.

Business Plan

YEP focuses on group and management skills, but also individual skills such as preparing your own business plan.

Personal Development Plan

Joining YEP means that you value and are committed to working on personal development.

Practical information



The YEP program includes eight one-week (Monday to Friday) training sessions, spread over two years. These quarterly one-week training sessions are scheduled in March, June, September and December. New participants can start in March or September.


Interactive training

The YEP training courses are interactive and focused on business practice.



After completion of the YEP courses, participants will receive the YEP Certificate at a special graduation ceremony, taking place at the Dutch Embassy in Addis Ababa.