The first step in the Strategic Management Process is developing a vision and mission statement. The mission of the organization is its reason of existence and the value that it contributes to its customers, employees and the society. To develop a mission and vision, you need to have a profound understanding of the drivers. What drives the organization? What does the organization value?

Drivers for an organization can also be related to various individuals. After all, organizations are formed by human beings, with their own drivers, desires, needs, motivation and values.

Both perspectives – drivers of the organization and of the individuals – are addressed.

Training topics

Business Ethics
  • Cultural values
  • Personal values
  • Human behavior
  • Company responsibilities
Entrepreneurial Skills & HRM
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 7 Habits (Covey)
  • Personal effectiveness
Business Management
  • Business & Society
  • Organizational identity
  • Values, mission and vision
Marketing & Sales
  • Financing organizations (regulations)
  • Market, currency and pricing risks
  • Tax regulations