External Analysis

After looking ‘inwards’ and identifying the drivers, the focus is now on the external analysis: the outside world. You learn to observe, analyze and interpret how the external environment influences your organization.

Contrary to the internal environment, the external environment is not ‘in control’ of one organization. Therefore, the organization must deal with the environment as-is. Opportunities might offer new perspectives on growth and profitability. Threats might materialize with negative effects on the organization. The identification of factors in the external environment (such as the economic, social, political and technological), as well as the identification of external stakeholders will be addressed.

Training topics

Business Management
  • External stakeholders
  • Roles & interests
  • Opportunities & threats
Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain elements
  • Dynamics in SC
  • Integrating SC
  • Partners & networks
Information Technology
  • Role of technology in business
  • Business & IT alignment
  • How technology contributes to business
  • Financing organizations (regulations)
  • Market, currency and pricing risks
  • Tax regulations
Business Ethics
  • Cross-cultural factors
  • Legal obligations of companies
  • Relation to domestic and international community
Entrepreneurial Skills & HRM
  • External stakeholders
  • Roles & interests
  • Opportunities & threats
Business Management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Company reputation
  • Laws and regulations
Marketing & Sales
  • External stakeholders
  • Roles & interests
  • Opportunities & threats